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How do I get started?

It's as simple as that:

  1. Sign up for AdSense. It's totally free! Then follow the provided instructions to put a little javascript snippet onto your blog skin or any web page you like. You may use our b2evolution AdSense plugin to make this even easier.
  2. When visitors view your site they see contextual text ads that automatically adjust to the contents of each page / blog post so that they are always relevant. No flashing images, just relevant text links!
  3. When a visitor clicks on an ad link, Google records the click and you get paid for it. Get ready for a monthly check from Google

Will it ruin my blog design?

You can choose the exact position and colors of the text ad blocks you place on your site.

Below are two examples of blogs that incorporate text ads and successfully pay for themselves. Judge for yourself:

  • Example 1: Ad links at the end of the blog post.
  • Example 2: Ad links at the top of the page.
    Note: as you can see, AdSense is not limited to English!

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