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Why should I monetize my website?

The more success you have with your blog / website, the more time and money you're going to invest to update it and host it properly.

At some point you may think: wouldn't it just be nice to have my site pay for itself?

Well, that is actually easier to achieve than it sounds! A decent hosting plan should cost you no more than $6.95/month. However, that's quite a low figure here and most people make many many times more than that in ad revenue...

By properly monetizing your blog site it is actually possible to have it pay, not only for the hosting, but also for the time you spend working on it.

Why AdSense?

First, because AdSense is a very simple and proven solution that already pays for hundreds of thousands of blogs/websites accross the world!

Also, AdSense is provided to you by Google which not only makes it reliable but also trustworthy. Once you have earned money from Google, you can actually trust them to pay it to you!

Finally, because the ads will be contexual, i-e they will be relevant to the content of your blog/site. This way, your visitors will not be offended for seeing the ads on your site.

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